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- How It Works -

    You reel in a sucke... I mean, ... set up a buddy by having a large wooden box in plain view when you know he (or she) is coming by.

    Just by sitting there, looking so out of place, your pigeon.. ah, dang it!... your friend will, of course, ask about it.   You, of course, are happy to explain.

mongoose    The set up...

    As you bring the box over, you start talking about a wild mongoose that came into your possession.

    How?  I don't know.  It's your story so use your imagination!

    You have no idea what you're going to do with the critter but it is a nasty thing!  Meanest thing you've ever seen.  You rap on the box to try to get it to show itself.

    Get your patsy... oh, never mind!  I'll just call 'em what he is!  You get your victim to stand in front of the screened end and look into the large hole that goes into the covered section where the varmint hides.

   The pay-off...

    Suddenly, you yell, "Ow! Bit me!" and flick open the latch as you yank your hand back.

    The lid flies open with a bang and a dark piece of fur with claws and teeth leaps at your stunned chump. mongose box attack

    Well, that's what the poor sap thinks in the split second before the fur hits him in the chest.

    Within the next half-second, your mark will scream like a little girl, maybe do a little dance trying to get away, and you will wet your pants laughing.

   What comes next...

    Several seconds later, reality will set in and your victim will laugh in relief to see it's just a piece of fur. Then he or she will want to try it out on someone else.

    Now you're in cahoots together, looking for the next victim.  And that is whatcha' call a great gag!

mongoose box prank

    P.S.  What is that box? Click the link!

How The Box Works

Bringing a Little Fun Into Our Lives!

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