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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some things you might be wondering about.

Are they hard to make?

    You're making a wooden box!  How hard can it be?

    Really, with just a few common tools, you can make one in a single weekend.  There are no rules here, so use your imagination.  Make it as big or as small as you want.  The only important thing is that it looks like it contains a dangerous animal.

    After much trial and error, I came up with a simple and easy way to make a box that looks like a real cage and works great.  I share it all in my ebook of plans, with photos that make everything clear.  

What tools do you need?

jig saw     If you had absolutely nothing, I'd send you to a big box store for a $20 jig saw.  That's all you need to cut your wood quickly and you can use it to cut a big mouse hole in the partition to get into the screened section.

    A trip to the dollar store will get you a hammer and nails, hinges and a latch.  

    Remember, once folks see it in action, you may be asked to make one for them, so these tools can be an investment!  Be sure to charge big bucks when making them for others!

Can I buy them ready made?

    If you can't make one yourself, or have more money than time, sure.

    I don't mean to be a wise guy by saying that. For many people, that is the position they're in.

    When I started this website, I offered ready-made boxes for those who might not have the time, tools, or ability to make their own.  But it began to really eat into my home life.

    Making one was fun.  Making ten was helping out others.  By about box fifteen or so, I was burned out.

    And the shipping costs were out of control.  For something that size and weight, the UPS shipping ran $25 to $40 from here in New England to get to places across the country.

    If it sounds like I'm trying to talk you out of me making you one... well, I am.  You can't accuse me of not being honest. I'd rather you buy the plans.

    But, I'm also a helpful kind of guy and if you can't make one, I've got you covered here.

    As I said above, if you have more money than time (with a good job that keeps you busy, that's exactly the case) I can make you one for $145, which includes shipping to the lower 48 states.

    I'm not set up to ship it out of the country so, if you're elsewhere, please just buy the plans and have a friend make one for you... and himself, for that matter.

    Click Boxes for complete details and a Paypal Buy-it-Now button.

    Just give me a couple of weeks to get it done.  It may take another week or so in travel time to get to you, but it'll be ready to go out of the box.  It'll be solid, sturdy, and well-made to provide you years and years of fun and laughter.

    And if you're really smart, you'll rent it out to a few parties and recoup your investment!

Are you going to spam me if I join your email list?

    Nope, not my style.  We've probably all been on lists where, day after day, week after week, it just gets to be too much.  And you've probably done what I did... dumped 'em!

    I'm one of those guys who treat others how I wish they would treat me, so you'll only hear from me if there's something worth telling you about.

Sign up here for the
The Mongoose Man List
    I may write to let you know that I have a few pre-made boxes in stock and ready to go.

    I'll probably mention any new stories, videos, or major website changes in one of those messages.  

    And I'm working on a plan book for another great prank, the Exploding Outhouse.  If you're on the list, I'll let you know when it's ready.

    So, you can join our "mongoose club" without worry.  And, if you ever get tired of my very occasional blather... dumping me, too, is just a click away in every message I'll send.

    Sign up now and I'll see you on the other side.

Who are you and why are you doing this?

    I'm a guy who loves a good laugh.  The kind of guy who really likes pranks, just not hurtful ones.

    A great gag will have the victim laughing as much as you when it's over.

    I remember seeing a mongoose box way back 40 years ago when I was a kid and then forgot all about it growing up.

    You all know how one search leads to another?  Somehow I ended up at a youtube video that showed the box making people scream.

    With that, the memory came back to me and I started searching for plans, hot to make one myself.

    But there were none to be found.  I searched for descriptions and stories, to get an idea on how to make one and, again, found very little.  It was a bit frustrating.

    I couldn't believe there wasn't a site devoted to this most excellent prank.  So I decided to made one that had everything I was looking for.

    Now you're here, too, and I hope you enjoy it!


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I'll put them up here to help everyone.

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