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You Can Get A Ready-Made
Mongoose Box Here

This is for those who don't have the time, the tools, or
the skills to make a box of their own.

    While I'd really, really rather you buy the plans and find someone local who could make one for you, I understand that might be hard for some folks. I hate to disappoint anyone so I do offer a ready-made mongoose box on a made-to-order basis.

mongoose box     This is a full size mongoose box that measures about 21 inches long, 14 inches wide, and close to 10 inches high. All the joints are securely glued and nailed so it should last for decades of fun.

    It even has a tuna-tin food dish in the cage. Toss in your own dried out chicken bones and a little hay through the hole if you want to go all out.

    It's unfinished natural wood and is designed to look like a home-made animal cage. In a rough opinion poll I took, some wanted redwood stain, some walnut, and some wanted to let the wood age to gray. Some wanted words on it, some didn't.

    I did the hard part in building it solid and strong so I figured you can use it as-is or finish it as you please. You can get letter stickers at your local Walmart if you want to spell out "DANGER" or something like that on the side.

    It weighs over 13 lbs. and is sturdy to further the appearance that you have a dangerous animal inside.  Rope handles complete the look and make it easy to carry. (They also look rat-chewed inside the cage.)

    It comes with a piece of fake fur for a critter and is ready to go right out of the box (well, hang your fur on the hook first!) Substitute your own Dan'l Boone hat with a raccoon tail if you have one.

    Each mongoose box is $130 plus $30 for shipping and packaging.

    I'll wait while you pick yourself up off the floor.

    I know that's a lot for a gag (it will last for years) but I don't want to be in a box-building business. I encourage you to get the plans instead and share them with a friend who can make one for each of you.

    But if you really want a mongoose box and, for whatever reason, can't/don't want to make one yourself, I will take care of you here.

    Click the yellow Buy Now button below and I'll get to work making you one. Give me a couple of weeks to get it done (it was my rush sevice that did me in) and up to another week for the US Postal Service (I'm looking at you, California!) to get it it to you. Click the button below and I'll get it in the works. Thanks.

Ready-Made Mongoose Box
$130 plus $30 shipping (it's big and heavy to ship.)

    When you get your box, have someone take a video or two as you freak out your friends. Send it in and I'll put it up on the video page. Thanks!


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