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- About This Website -

    This is my tribute to what (I think) is the best home-made prank there is.  Click the menu at the top to find the few videos that are online (with links to the original sources.)  I searched... a lot... and collected them here, all in one place, for your viewing pleasure.

mongoose box saw    Make one yourself

    If you want to make a mongoose box yourself, and you have tools and woodworking skills, I'm sure you can already picture how to make one from just the videos you've seen here.  It's not rocket science.

    With the usual scrap wood pile we all have, and a bit of chicken wire or hardware cloth, a table saw and drill press will make short work of it.

    I'm sure you could easily have one done in a weekend.

   If you need plans...

    But, if you're looking for more detailed plans with a materials list, assembly guide, photos, helpful hints, etc, etc, I have them available for a pittance on the Plans page.  I'll show you an easy-to-make design (using basic hand tools if needed) that looks realistic and flings the fur nicely.

    Once built, it will give you years of fun and excitement!

mongoose box prank

    P.S.  Have you ever seen or been scared by a mongoose box yourself?

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